The Big Picture

This is the only project of its kind determined to heal the world’s divisions by simply sharing the undeniable pictures of our common humanity.

The Milestones Project’s 35,000 plus photographs celebrating childhood around the world all clearly tell the same story and confirm a universal truth: We are all connected. This connection is where true and believable healing begins.

These photographs capture moments ranging from losing our first tooth, taking our first step, to making our first friend but they also capture the fact we are members of a single global family. If you picture a world of love and understanding, these pictures help make that vision real.

The Milestones Project captures these universal landmarks of childhood on every continent and compiles them into an arresting family of products that communicate our essential message: “Look, those children are just like me!?

From books to puzzles to teaching tools and exhibits, we invite you to discover how the Milestones Project can help you and others ‘picture a better world.’



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