The Milestones Project Pledge

The best way to start appreciating the power we all have to heal divisiveness and foster understanding is to take the Milestones Project Pledge.



  • I pledge to notice the ways people are like me before I notice the ways they are different;
  • I pledge to say only kind things to others and to stop myself before I say mean things;
  • I pledge to use respectful words to work out my problems with other people;
  • I pledge to encourage my friends to do these things too, because…
  • I know that if everyone does these four things we will put an end to intolerance and hatred all over the world.


Download and print a pdf of the Milestones Pledge for you and your child to sign.


Podrå la promesa del Proyecto Milestones en formato PDF en español para usted y su niño/niña a imprimir y firmar.

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